The Carnival Underground Story

For all those talented creative minds, stuck in the dilemma of “Should I” or “Should I not” take the leap of faith, let us tell you the story of Carnival Underground….

Once upon a time there were three friends with names’ in chronological order: R, S and T.

No kidding!! This is what their names were!!

Apparently, this is what they thought about each other. May be there was a hint of truth in all of their assumptions…
R – Reliably Rich
S – Skillfully Smart
T – Technically Talented
However, there was two things which was common about their friendship. Their “Love for Music” and “Trust in each other”.

Although they were from different walks of life, the got together to make some music and formed a band called “No Strings Attached”.
As the name suggested, they were never bound by anything except their music 🙂

Now that they formed a band, they had to practice.
They stayed in 3 different corners of the city, and also worked in different fields (not corn fields or rice fields, Grrrr !!!)
Sometimes they met at each others place to Jam. Sometimes, they would go to a friends place. Everywhere they went, they were chased out.
As per them they were creating some grammy winning music. For others, it was nothing more than a ruckus.
Using some of the few available paid rehearsal spaces’ was not always an option. Only R was Rich, remember?

One day, the Skillfully Smart guy told the Techically Talented guy…
Smart Guy – We always get chased out, we should have our own place to practice.
Talented Guy – Yes! you’re right. People will never appreciate my Talent, unless we get some peaceful place to practice regularly and create something nice…
Problem is, for that, we need a good amount of money. Where do we get that from?
Smart Guy – heheheh, R is Reliably Rich. We can Rely on him to pay for the major part of it. We will contribute the rest.
Smart Guy – But for that we need a lot of knowledge of instruments, equipments, acoustics, etc.
Talented Guy – Dude! Do not under estimate my Technical Talents! I can orchestrate the whole thing.
Smart Guy – Cool then, lets talk to the Rich Guy and run our ideas through him.

So one night, the Rich Guy, the Smart Guy and the Talented Guy met at the Smart Guy’s house and discussed the idea of having their own place to practice. All of them agreed to have their own place and as discussed, the Smart Guy planned it all out, the Talented guy figured all the technical requirements, and as Relied upon, the Rich guy had to pay for most of it…hahahaha!!!

And, this is how “WHITE NOISE” came into existence!!! Aptly named WHITE NOISE, the practice space had white sound proof walls, red carpet flooring and reflecting glass ceiling. Dimmer lights in different shades completed the ambience.

Now that the Rich Guy, Smart Guy and the Talented guy had their own place to practice, they started making their own music. And true to the Talented guys statement, now that they got a peaceful place to practice regularly, they started composing their own songs and soon the world started appreciating the music created by “No Strings Attached”. They started performing at various stages and also got featured in international Radio channels. As they met more and more musicians and all of them wanted to know and see the place where they created their “Magic”.

As and when their musician friends came to see their practice space, they we floored by the “Best in Class” acoustics and equipments available there. Off and On, they would join in with R,S and T during their practice sessions.

The Smart guy seized the opportunity and called the Talented Guy to discuss the idea of renting out “White Noise” to other Bands. They could practice when they wanted to and also rent out the space the rest of the time, while they were not using it. This would also help to generate additional self sustaining revenue to maintain the place. It completely made sense to the Talented guy, and they shared their thought with the Rich Guy. The Rich guy Relied on the Skill and Talent of his friends so much that, without even thinking twice, he agreed to start renting out “White Noise” to other bands. Some of the best bands started pouring in to share the “Magic” of White Noise and soon it became one of the best places to create and rehearse music.

Now, there was additional space available within the premises, and there was additional opportunity for the Talented Guy to showcase his Talent. So the Smart Guy requested the Talented guy to start teaching and sharing his talent with the rest of the world. Reliably Rich thought that it made complete business sense to make use of the available space and within a short period in time there was a Full Fledged Jam Pad, Music School and Audio/Video Recording Studio; all under the same roof. A concept which provided every musician, film maker, photographer and artist out there, a space to perform, create and find like minded people; to become a part of an idea, a concept, an initiative and a space where creativity brought on a high!

With so many different ways to nurture ones’ talent under one roof, it was nothing less than a “Carnival Underground” !


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  1. Sibir - September 27, 2017 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Beautiful story and appreciate these three friends R,S and T-Richard, Samrat and Tridip….great work done.

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