Chronicle of the Iron Clad

So where do I start?

I am from Shillong and “Biz” and “Reuben” from Undying Inc are my childhood friends. We hung out together a lot and often spoke about music and the likes. Life has a plan for everybody, but we were lucky enough to choose our own destiny. After our high school, we went to Delhi for further education. I chose film studies while Biz became a musician and Reuben a designer.

I have seen the band grow from 2 guys jamming for fun to they becoming a metal behemoth.

One thing which I can safely say is that Undying Inc is a band I totally and completely understood and loved since day 1, hence making a video for them was a logical step for me.

So here is the story behind the making of the mighty IRONCLAD m/

We chose the track IRONCLAD from their then upcoming EP (titled the same) and it goes without saying that there was no money involved in the production, cause it was all about the passion for what we were doing and I was the only person shooting as well as directing.

First question which came up was the location for the shoot. We wanted to keep it real and focus on the band members and their music and not much on any outdoor or super swanky location. Hence, the obvious chioce was where they would rehearse regularly, a tiny jam pad called Fender Music in Shapur Jat, New Delhi. It was one day shoot and trust me, it was not easy.

The idea was to showcase them performing in a gritty atmosphere. I used my DSLR (Canon 550D) with a single lens and borrowed a GoPro from a friend.
Reuben and I rigged up one 100W light bulb, made a funnel out of discarded paper and used it as a solitary light source in the video. We spent some time on the shot division but then we decided to shoot the song from all corners of the tiny room.

The shoot began and thats where all the fun started. I made the band play the song at least 4 times in order to cover this. Haha, I could see some irritated expressions at times but then again we knew it was required and they played sport.
Then it was the turn for the GoPro. I rigged up the GoPro on each band member’s head and made them perform the song 4 more times. Now you see, why I was seeing the irritated expressions? 😛

We did take a couple more safeties and after the end of about 3+ odd hours, we were done! Actually not, cause they major work would start now. To put things together in the edit table. Damn, were we excited or what!

The editing process was fairly long as I was editing in Mumbai and the band was in Delhi. All the discussions on the changes were happening verbally over the phone and was executed shot by shot, which was then sent over for approval to the band. If everything was fine, we were good but that really did not happen quite easily.

We wanted a B/W and gritty/grimly feel to the song. Of course there were further idea exchanges which resulted in a war/explosion/sniper/artillery footage interspersed with the master shots.
After around 2 months of exhaustive editing sessions, the video was finally ready! We were way too excited to put it up on YouTube for all the Undying fans and were anxious about how well it would be received. Lets just say, it was a kinda stressful but we knew how to get rid of the same 😛 (no makes for guessing).

The band got into the practice pad and did sweat out every drop of the stress. WTF were you thinking that we did, huh?

When the video got out, we were overwhelmed. The response was tremendous!!! 21,000 views and counting m/

This was one of the first Indian metal video which wasn’t slick and styled according to popular sentiments. Undying Inc did not follow trends and this video was an example of that. We wanted it to be disturbing to the viewer and it certainly disturbed m/

Of course there were people who did not understand why we shot in low light and in a cramped space. The real idea was to show bottled aggression which erupts. The idea was aptly conveyed according to us.

Stay Metal \m/

Signing Off…

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