Blue Jeans – Malini Banerjee

Malini Banerjee is one of my dearest friends. But even though we were close, I never knew about her vocal talents! The day, I realised that she was a fantastic singer, was the day when she sang over dinner at a restaurant on a whim! After her rendition of a Hindi number, the whole restaurant burst out clapping and that day, a lot of people including me looked at her in wonder. Gifted is the word for her. She soon started singing full time.

We were speaking about work one fine day and she happened to tell me about a music video of her English track. I liked the vibe of the song. One thing led to another and soon we started speaking about her upcoming Bengali song. I was intrigued as both of us are Bengalis and could relate to it immediately. I told her to make one more video for it. She said “lets” and almost immediately we started working on it. We traded a few ideas but could not pin point on one for the longest time. Maybe because the final track hadn’t landed in hands till then. After a few days she finally got the master of ‘Blue Jeans’. Now, Blue Jeans was a peppy love song, far too different from my last metal music video. I had never worked on a regional language video before and that too my native tongue so I was excited. After going through the track over and over again, we started to work immediately on the visuals. It was a feel good love song and we wanted to treat it appropriately.

We chose locations in New Delhi (again!) and this time we took all the required permissions! The equipment used were Canon 5D Mach III with 50mm, 24-70 and 70-200 mm lens; and a LED light. We shot at her home, Lodhi Gardens, Hauz Khas Village, Raasta – the cafe and Hauz Khas market. This was a two day shoot and this time, we had a crack team. There was a stylist, a make up person and a camera assistant. The shoot came off very well and I departed for Mumbai for the edit. The edit was fairly smooth and then came the slightly tricky part. The colour correction. I wanted a rusty graded tone with B/W patches. Malini wanted a breezy summery yet brownish grade to it. We researched on various tones and finally we had our hearts set on one and applied it. The results were beautiful and captivating. The video was ready in a couple of months.

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Give it a Listen, you will love it!

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