Our JAMPAD just got pimped

- and this is what the Mohini Dey and Gino Banks have to say


Premium quality facility rentals

Only studio in Delhi with Two Jampads which open up to a unique "Concert Venue"


Jam Pad

The only place in New Delhi with two Jampads under the same roof, which open up to become a stage and a unique “concert venue”. Can hold up to 100 guests in the audience.

Music Classes

We follow a systematic curricula by Rock School and Trinity Guildhall, offering classes in guitar, drums, tabla, harmonium, keyboard (CASIO), flute, saxophone, and vocals (singing) in Delhi.

Dance and Fitness

We make fitness a part of your life by making it fun with various dance forms that are taught by our professional staff. From Bollywood, to hip-hop, contemporary, aerobics, and yoga, we teach you all.

Equipment Rental

We provide musical equipment on rent, including instruments like keyboards, drums, guitars and professional sound systems for live shows and concerts.

Artist Management

We manage bookings for our resident artists and extend production expertise to complement gigs. With a wide range of artists to choose from, be rest assured that we have all grounds covered.

Concert Concepts

We design unique “concert concepts” to suit your event and marketing needs and also provide end to end event management services.



Carnival Underground was inaugurated in Oct’10 and has been a place for like minded music, art and dance lovers to interact and enhance their skills. Carnival Underground is not a school. It is a place which helps people to enhance their creativity and nurture their talent whether it is in terms of music, dance or any other form of art. Carnival Underground aims to be the first place that comes to people’s mind when they think of taking their hobbies to the next level, while keeping the element of fun intact.


  • Jampad
  • Music Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Fitness
  • Art Classes
  • Artist Management
  • Equipment Rental
  • Concept Design
  • Event Management
  • Concert Venue
  • Contact Info


    What our esteemed patrons have to say about us!
    Carnival Rocks! Great Sound! Very good ambiance, clean & neat, comfortable, SPACIOUS, good hospitality! Cheers!
    Shibani Kashyap

    Shibani Kashyap

    Bollywood playback singer
    Kick ass place to jam!!! I'd recommend it all budding musicians...Cheers!


    Lead Guitarist - TRIGGER / CONUNDRUM
    Had a wonderful time rehearsing at Carnival Underground. Good sound and nice place to Jam! All the Best for future, God Bless
    Harshdeep Kaur

    Harshdeep Kaur

    Bollywood playback singer
    Lovely experience! Absolutely Loved it :)
    Tulsi Kumar

    Tulsi Kumar

    Bollywood playback singer
    I dunno y.. but I get a homely feel here !!


    Keyboard & Piano - MUSICORP
    Best part - their equipment / gears & services.
    Dhruv Sufi

    Dhruv Sufi

    Lead vocals & Keyboard - TAUHEED




    Years in Existence


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